More on Lists - Python meetup #6

We covered all sorts of fun things about lists:

  • lists passed as references
  • upack a list, no matter how many elements
  • some review of enumerate() and using a for loop with an else - why would you want to?
  • how to use a for loop with more than one list at once (hint: use zip())
  • learning the pitfalls of appending or removing list elements inside a for loop (hint: don't do it!)
  • how to write a filter function correctly
  • how to write a map function correctly
  • list comprehensions as a quick way for writing things like maps and filters
  • sorting lists, forward and reverse, and using our custom key function for the ultimate in sorting flexibility
  • tuples - which are a lot like lists, but immutable

As usual, there was more to cover than time, so next session we'll cover more complete examples. And then, on to....dictionaries, and what Webster never told you.

If you know lists, and something about dictionaries, check out this video for an explanation of how to create Python functions for variable number of arguments.