Python meetup #5

Did we train our list, or even our dragon? Partially. More on Python lists at the next session, as we didn't get to finish this topic.

Here is a link to the slides.

We were using a Jupyter notebook for this session (see Jupyter). This notebook, as well as others, can be found in our github repository.

Jupyter Notebooks are amazingly useful, and can contain text, data, programs, images, interactive charts, videos....They are interactive web pages which can contain live output from programs (like Python!) running in the page. In order to view a notebook, and interact with it, you first must first install Jupyter on your computer. For many systems installing it "should" be quite simple, but I will create a short video on how to get Jupyter running on Windows, in particular. (Check out our YouTube channel, and please subscribe!)

Our next get-together IRL will involve finishing up Python lists and loops, sorting, list comprehensions, tuples, a little trick for unpacking, and other notables.

Hope to see you there, and online.