Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019

Very interesting survey.

Here are some highlights:

  • Python is now #2 in terms of language popularity (right behind, you know it, JavaScript)
  • many young people in programming with less than 5 years experience
  • 85% taught themselves a language without taking a formal course, and a bunch have taken an online course
  • 16% use Reddit and YouTube (more than Facebook), with 7% not using social media at all
  • React is slightly more popular than Angular, but by far the most-loved and most-wanted
  • Django is slightly more popular than Flask
  • Pandas is super-popular, which is no surprise since Python is so popular with the data wranglers
  • Linux tops platforms, followed by Windows, with MacOS way down
  • Python is second "most-loved" language, with Rust at the top, followed by TypeScript and Kotlin
  • Most-dreaded languages are VBA and Objective-C (and I can personally vouch for the Objective-C result!)
  • Python is the "most-wanted" language
  • Visual Studio Code is the most popular development environment